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We are a distinctly non-partisan working group and our goals are to: 

  • Identify the multi-lateral and collaborative process that will lead to short term and long term solutions – foster dialogue and contribute resources for transparency and trust across the advertising continuum. 
  • Obtain and execute meaningful commitments. 
  • Develop a multilateral transparency curriculum: Working with the leading industry associations, distinguished scholars, and industry subject matter experts - elevating the dialogue and fund of knowledge. 
  • Practice what we preach: Operate with the utmost transparency, good intent, and organizational rigor. The Trust & Transparency Forum is accountable for committed outcomes with recognition that it is mission critical to improve behavior in the digital supply chain. 
  • Move beyond naïve cynicism. Acknowledge that the current state is unsustainable for all parties, with mutually assured destruction. Create a credible line of sight to process on the how Trust & Transparency emergency can be resolved, in ways that are available to us now.  

We are developing a Multilateral Trust & Transparency Curriculum:  Working with the Leading Industry Associations, Distinguished Scholars, and Industry Subject Matter Experts - elevating the dialogue and fund of knowledge.

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Areas of Focus

advertiser - agency committments

Trust & Transparency in commercial relations drive more innovation and sustainable growth for clients and partners.   Operating in Good Faith, Understanding Codes of Conduct, delivering best available media value to deliver the advertiser’s commercial objectives, agency compensation models, attribution models. The definitions of stewardship and fiduciary responsibility, the best interests of the advertiser, vendor agreements, and various moral hazards therein. 

data use commitments

Information Integrity.  Today, nobody in the supply chain, not consumers, advertisers, agencies, nor publishers trust how their data is being used: Privacy, Analytic Accuracy, PII, Legal Proteactions, Value Exchange, Meaningful Disclosure, Accessibility

robotic ad fraud remediation committments

By definition, fraud is an intentional, wrongful and/or criminal deception (by word of mouth, by writing, by electronic messaging or otherwise), intended to result in financial or personal gain to the defrauding party and the harm by those defrauded.  In this case those that gain in computerized Ad/Bot Fraud are organized crime, hostile foreign nation states, and non-nation bad actors - them.   Those that lose are consumers, publishers, advertisers, agencies – us.

consumer trust & protection COMMITMENTS

It is clear that consumers want and expect advertising to be held to high ethical standards. Research supports the high value that consumers place in honest and ethical advertising.  Advertising is extremely important to consumers and to our marketplace economy, and fosters competition.  Therefore, advertisers should never compromise consumers' privacy in marketing communications, and choices as to whether to participate in providing their information should be transparent and easily made.